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Before you get the NIE or any other document, we would advise that you first get your Empadronamiento! 

What is the Empadronamiento?

This is your registration in the City Hall of your neighborhood, so that the local city hall knows youEmpadronamiento in Barcelona are living there. Every time you change your address, you will have to register a new empadronamiento in the town hall of your new neighborhood.

Why do you need this document?

Pretty much for any other official document you want to obtain, you may be asked for your empadronamiento. For example : for the healthcare card (CAP), or in case you want to buy a car, or to get married.

Where can you get your empadronamiento?

In the nearest City hall (Ajuntament), or the neighborhood administrative office (Oficina d’Atenció al Ciutadà ).

You can find the nearest one at the web of, or just click here for a list of options.

It is recommended to get an appointment (“Cita previa”) since it can save you some time. You can ask for the appointment by phoning Telefono de Attencion on telephone number 101, or by checking the website

In case you live outside Barcelona you have to check where the City hall (Ajuntament) of your city or village is, or where the nearest administrative office (Oficina d’Atenció al Ciutadà) is located

What documents do I need to bring?

  • Orignal of Passport or ID and a copy. In case you are registering more family members you will need the documents (original and copy) of all of them and a document proving that you are family.
  • Proof (original and copy) of your home address, and that you are living there. This could be :
    • Utility bill (your name should be on it), or rental contract (no older than 5 years), or :
    • House deeds (escritura) – all these documents should be original
  • In case you only rent a room, you will have to ask your landlord to come with you or to sign a document, stating that you live there and to give you a signed copy of his/her I.D.
  • In case you do not have your name on the contract, you will have to ask the person who has their name on the contract to come with you and to bring their ID/NIE/Passport, their empadronamiento, and the rental contract.
  • An application form, which you will get when you arrive, and will fill in while waiting.

The procedure usually takes no more than a couple of minutes (depending how many people there are waiting for the same document) and it is free of charge.

In some cases if they can`t give you the certificate of registration the same day, they will give you a temporary one (“volant”)

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